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Carthage, MO - Big RED Barn RV Park

We traveled on HWY 60 so we were able to bypass Saint Louis.

Here we set at The Big Red Barn in Carthage, MO about ten miles from Joplin, MO.

As you know our son Tony leaves in Joplin, MO.

I think we will be here for 14 nights, give us a chance to visit and re-charge our batteries plus check out the old area. We have not been here in five years so we have a lot to see.

Friday I will go to Grove, OK to visit the folks where I use to work.

We have to go to Miami, OK to pick something up, more on that later.

We'll add more later.

Parked @ The Big Red Barn

I'm using my short Blue Line Sewer Hose, very close to hook-ups, you can also see my pressure regulator hook up.

Nice large sites.


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